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ORRIS™ - Compression implant for small fragments

  • Technical features
    • Self-drilling and self-tapping: limits the destabilization´s risk of the fracture and reduces operating time
    • Headless screw: allows to position the implant in front of the articulation and minimizes the tissue irritation
    • Anodized implant to reduce corrosion and improve the stability
    • Double conicity: maximizes the compression and allows a good anchorage of the screw in the bone
    • Continuous and variable thread: insures compression and stability. Ideal for multi-fragment fractures

  • Surgical technique
    • Minimalist instrumentation: Only three instruments

Manufacturer : Orthopaedic & Spine Development (OSD). ORRIS™ (class IIb). Medical device for osteosynthesis of small fragments. Read carrefully the instructions on the instructions for use and the sugical technique. Notified Body: LNE/GMED n°0459.