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SAXXO™ - Ultra-compact spinal fixation system

  • One of the lowest profile fixation system
    • Reduce adjacent facet infringement
    • Prevent from obstruction between L5 and S1 head
    • Reduce soft tissues and muscle irritation and increase available surface for bone graft

  • Technical features
    • Can swivel of 52° angle in all directions
    • TORX shape to optimize tightening torque: nuts tightening at 10 Nm
    • Self-tapping thread for a better positioning of the implant and an improvement of the breakout forces
    • Corundum treatment to increase friction coefficient between the rod and the head of the screw
    • Color code for each diameter
    • Various possible sizes to find the best adaptation to the lumbar, thoracic and sacral vertebrae
    • In Titanium to reduce risks link to corrosion and improve osseointegration
    • Rods ∅5mm diameter available in Titanium and Cobalt Chrome according to the degree of rigidity desired

Manufacturer : Orthopaedic & Spine Development (OSD). SAXXO™ (class IIb). Medical device for lumbar arthrodesis. Read carefully the instructions on the instructions for use and the surgical technique. Notified Body: LNE/GMED n°0459.