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  • Technical features
    • Anatomical biconvex shape
    • Lordosis restoration of 5°, optimal contact surface with the vertebral bodies
    • Anti-migration grooves: avoid micro-movements
    • Notch to avoid rotation during impaction
    • Rounded design for an easy insertion
    • Tantalum markers for an easy positioning and control
    • Lateral windows to optimize the communication with the exterior bone graft
    • Instrumentation set compatible with the Swingo TLIF cages

  • Advantages of a sterile PEKK implants
    • Biocompatibility
    • Radio-transparent implant for a better fusion control

  • Bone substitute
    • Separate bones substitutes available: 60% Hydroxyapatite, 40% Tricalcium Phosphate β-TCP
    • Bone substitute´s shape perfectly adapted to the cage
    • Packaged per two and sterile

Manufacturer : Orthopaedic & Spine Development (OSD). SWINGO™ (class IIb). Medical device for lumbar arthrodesis. Read carefully the instructions on the instructions for use and surgical technique. Notified Body: LNE/GMED n°0459.

Manufacturer : Biomatlante. Bone substitute cage SWINGO™ (classe III). Filling substitute of skeletal system of failing bones. Read carefully the instructions on the instructions for use and the surgical technique. Notified body : TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH n°0123.