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VariLift™-L - Expandable PLIF Cage

  • Expansion In Situ
    • Zero impact insertion: Reduction of the neurological traumatic risks during impaction
    • Immediate stability and resistance to migration and subsidence
    • Mini-invasive: minimal retraction, no impaction

  • Stand alone
    • Preserves posterior anatomy
    • Designed for stand-alone procedures
    • Shorter procedure: no pedicles screws, intuitive instrumentation

  • Performing fusion
    • Implant in Titanium: stability, large bone graft, clear radiological view
    • High rate of bony fusion
    • A proven performance: 15 years of clinical use
    • More than 90% fusion rate (cf.Wenzel Spine website)

OSD is exclusive distributor of VariLift™ in Europe

Manufacturer : Wenzel Spine. Expandable Interbody Fusion Device VARILIFT-L (class IIb). Medical device for lumbar arthrodesis. Read carefully the instructions on the instructions for use and the surgical technique. Notified Body: BSI n0086.